Along with our goal to create the best pair of socks that money can buy, we’re also attempting to pull off something a little bigger – Bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States of America.

Our Goal

For decades, manufacturing in the United States has been on the decline. Our mission at Made in America Socks is to bring manufacturing back to the United States starting with our socks and the supporting industries that go into making our socks the best in the nation.

Our goal is to rebuild the sock industry in Fort Payne, Alabama. By accomplishing this goal, we will bring back jobs which are currently scattered overseas.

The many steps needed to manufacture socks have historically created new companies to service these needs for a broad range of parts, packaging, services, and materials. As we succeed, these necessary support businesses will flourish, creating a variety of additional jobs. This vertically integrated approach in manufacturing is exactly what made the United States the industrial power it was in the glory days.

There are other brands that market themselves as being “Made in USA” but we offer a wider selection and will not be swayed to manufacture our socks elsewhere as prices fluctuate. Our socks will be made in America or they will not be made at all.

When you choose to purchase socks that are made in the United States, you aren’t just choosing a clothing item, you’re choosing to support the men and women of this great nation and their families. You are choosing to support the domestic economy, reducing the amount of money that is spent overseas on products that we are more than capable of producing on our own.

Where imported products were once seen as the height of luxury (and some still are), many imported products have gone the opposite direction in terms of quality and dependability. Paid just pennies on the dollar, foreign workers are mass-producing items that, when compared to similar items from the past, are far inferior.

How did this happen? Why do we accept this?

At Made in America Socks, we aim to bring manufacturing back to US soil. We want local workers creating local products for local people. Our manufacturing methods ensure that only the highest quality socks leave our facilities. Socks that you can depend on. Socks that won’t give out on you after a few months of wear. Our socks will be with you for the long term, providing you with the best in comfort and support. Whether you go with our merino wool, cotton, or wool blend offerings, you will be amazed at how comfortable our socks are and how long they last.