Comfort & Materials

Are the socks made in the USA?

Yes. All our socks are manufactured in America and always will be made in America. We will never import socks from a foreign country. Our socks will be made in America or not made at all. At present, we still are forced to use some fibers and yarns from other countries, because there are not any domestic manufacturers of certain products. Our goal is to have all our ingredients, from chemicals to fibers to yarns etc., to be sourced from American companies.

Are the socks good quality?

Yes. Our socks are produced with the old-fashioned care and quality control that established Fort Payne, AL as the official “Sock Capital of the World” in the last thirty years of the 20th century. We have the experience and process that was handed down from generation to generation going back to the early 1900s. Our socks are designed and produced to honor those who laid the groundwork for our industry.

What makes your socks better than the competition?

We believe our socks are better by every measurement. They are produced with the highest quality components and are manufactured on the best machinery available. We have priced our socks to assure to you that they are the best value in the sock industry. We stand behind them 100%.


Are the socks guaranteed?

Yes. If you receive the socks and are not pleased with the appearance or feel of the socks, send them back to us for a full refund. If the socks wear out prior to your expectations, send them back to us laundered with the original receipt for replacement socks. We want all customers who purchase our socks to be completely satisfied.