Everybody likes socks that fit. We have integrated Ultra-Stretch Technology into our socks, producing a product which provides the best in both comfort and wear-ability.


Using product development, engineering expertise, and solid experience, we create attractive, high-quality socks with performance and long wearing features which result in maximum comfort and wear.

We have created our Ultra-stretch Technology socks out of special stretch yarns which possess greater elasticity than other socks being produced.


Allows our socks to fit a much broader range of foot sizes
Provides a full range of sizes for both genders with less SKU’s
Cuts space requirements at store level by 50%

Other Universal Features

All socks are produced with the highest level of expertise and sock-sense technology to act and react to all situations. Our socks truly do “Feel like butter, wear like iron!” We guarantee our fit and wear properties. We guarantee the socks will always be made in the United States of America. Our red, white, and blue stripe logo, which is on our packaging and each sock, signifies our promise that our socks will always be made in America for America.